Our ingredients are scientifically proven and simply better for you.

Replenology is:

Clean Label: Non-GMO and EWG Certified Earth Friendly
Vegan and Natural
Certified 100% Drug Free With No Unwanted Side Effects

21 to Grow: Formulated with success in mind

At Replenology, we understand the emotional toll that hair loss can cause for both men and women at any age. It can affect our life at home, at work, and in every way we interact with friends and family.

We also understand the frustration you feel when products promise to solve the problem but end up letting you down. Did you know that the leading drug on the market focuses on only one root cause of hair loss, has a 75% rate of failure and the potential for unwanted drug side effects?

Replenology is the only certified environmentally responsible, natural and vegan nutrient replenishment system for thinning hair, scientifically formulated to address more than 21 known causes of hair loss.

Replenology restores the missing essential nutrients that deplete with age, which you need for hair growth. Our system truly goes to the source of your hair loss and gives you the best opportunity to overcome the challenge of your thinning hair.

And we’re so sure it works, Replenology is Guaranteed.

The Replenology 4-Part Solution is the First of its Kind

Created in-lab by scientists with decades of experience in molecular biology and cell stimulation, our four components work together day and night to synergistically create the perfect environment for full, lustrous hair.

Retain & Cleanse

Our hair-enhancing shampoo cleanses by removing harmful residue and buildup that inhibit your body’s natural hair growth processes.

Reinforce & Condition

Formulated for the first time ever with clinically-tested, deeply effective botanicals, our daily conditioner provides luxurious nourishment to the hair to improve and support your scalp and follicle function.


Replenology’s proprietary Nutriment solution is applied nightly directly to areas of hair loss or thinning, allowing your scalp to absorb all the necessary nutrients while you sleep, creating the best possible scalp conditions for normal and optimal hair growth.


Our twice-daily dietary supplement is packed full of essential vitamins and botanicals, not found in the average daily diet or other hair loss products. These nutrients and bioactive herbal combinations work synergistically and are crucial to maintaining a healthy scalp and growing rich, full-bodied hair.


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A Hair Loss Solution That Benefits Your Whole Body

At Replenology, our scientists are dedicated to specifically identifying natural, plant based nutrients scientifically shown to be essential for hair growth, but are not found in a normal daily diet or in other hair loss products.

We are fully committed to providing a solution to hair thinning and loss that is beneficial to your whole body. You can rest assured that we fully understand how devastating hair loss can be,. Our devotion to overcoming your difficult challenge with a healthy and environmentally responsible solution ensures that you can now have the best opportunity for success.

Our ingredients work together, around the clock, internally and directly on the affected areas of your scalp to promote a return to healthy hair.

Replenology’s ingredients are:

100% Free of Drugs and Drug Side Effects

100% Scientifically Formulated Solution

Created to Support and Sustain Normal, Healthy Hair Growth

Click Here to view Replenology’s powerful, scientifically selected ingredients.

Are you ready to put the powerful Replenology ingredients to work for you
and take charge of your hair loss?

Thinning Hair Can Happen at Any Age... and Replenology
Can Address it at Any Age

See how Replenology worked for people just like you:


50 Years Old



Length of Treatment:

8 Months


Used Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum 3-4 times per week with Daily Supplement to see increased in hair density, thickening and volume.


50 Years Old



Length of Treatment:

8 Months


Used Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum 3-4 times per week with Daily Supplement to see increased in hair density, thickening and volume.

Remember, Your Hair Loss Didn’t Happen Overnight

It will take time for Replenology to fully engage and replenish all the healthy and active ingredients that are scientifically shown to be essential for normal hair growth.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Notice fuller hair in 4 months, with SIGNIFICANT improvement in 6 months – or get your money back!

We understand the emotional difficulty that comes with thinning hair. If our Replenology system doesn’t work for you, you can stop the program at any time… and get your money back. Guaranteed.

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